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Hot Lunch Volunteers Needed

We offer hot lunch Monday - Friday 11:00am-1:00pm

Sign up in the office or with Mrs. Hanna if you are able to come one or more days per month.

Please know you are welcome to stop in to join your child for lunch. You can order your meal online.

Sharing Baskets

A sharing Basket is a place for students to put their unwanted:

 Fruit in its natural state

 Prepackaged unopened food: chips, fruit snacks, etc.

 Unopened drinks

This gives students an option rather than throwing it away and benefits the other students. If you would rather your child bring it home instead, that’s great, we just don’t want good food thrown away.

Anyone can take from the basket once a day, they just need

to ask the person in charge of the lunchroom.

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