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What an incredible and memorable year we have had. A year of flexibility, patience, love, grace, and ingenuity. One I pray will be the only one we will have like this again. Our plans are to start as usual next Fall welcoming all of our students in PERSON.

For me, this has been a year of thankfulness:

I thank God for keeping our school family safe, for His loving direction and patient care as we all navigated the year.

I want to take this time to thank all of our teachers for their bravery and faith as they stepped into a totally unknown world of virtual and distance learning for their students with absolutely no warning or time to prepare. They have done an outstanding job providing a valuable and meaningful education for each of their students without missing a day of instruction. I have yet to hear of another group of teachers to accomplish such a feat! I am proud to be able to work with each of them. I also want to acknowledge our day care staff who had to do their jobs so differently, again with little to no warning. The rules and standards for day care change on a dime. That has caused stress that has been handled with grace while continuing to provide a loving environment for our day care children

For our office staff who have fielded questions that no one really knows the answers to yet, who worked with families going through totally unexpected situations regarding childcare, finances, etc.

For our pastoral staff who have led in such a Godly way, knowing that this IS in God’s plan for us at this time. There has had to be flexibility as no one is thinking about registering their children or paying deposits looking months into the future when now is changing so rapidly. Seeing that these times are tough, they arranged for tuition help for those who stayed with us through the year, as well as a tuition break of 3% for those who return next year. What an encouraging step of faith.

I especially want to thank all of the parents and families who added “School Teacher” to their already very full plate of responsibilities. Thank you for supporting our teachers as they were gaining the nerve to post videos of themselves, who had to put together work that was challenging, but not too challenging, was fun, but didn’t involve too much parental assistance, that met the needs of families who could not take on one more thing to families who were asking for more. Thank you for your grace and patience with me as rules were changing, as I was trying to iron out a homework delivery/exchange system that worked for all. Thank you for stepping up and having the strength to tell us when it was too much, or you were frustrated, or to thank your child/children’s teachers. This is a time that has not been easy for anyone.

In the end, my prayer is that we all come closer as a family. That we all see what each of the team members in this great family has added in their service to God in going through this time. I pray that when we are all looking back in 20 years, adults will have great memories of our school family, and that our children will have great memories of being taught both by great teachers in the school and their great teachers at home. That it was a time where they saw how loved they were.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team!


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